Documents producing service

We produce only high-qualitative Passports, ID cards, Driver’s licences, VISAs, exit/entry stamps, IELTS certificates and some others. It will be
produced with 100% authentic like the original documents. We also use new biometric techonolgies for all types of our documents.
Documents duplicate service
Documents duplicates producing, means this we will clone real existing document but with your photo. We select suitable documents from our
database considering on your age, sex, nationality, ect. It would contain real name of parents of that person, address, some other useful information,
which can be asked at airport and customs, by immigration, ect.
Documents registration service
For some countries we can offer to register your new documents in the government database after it will be produced. In fact it will be the official issued
documents and you can use it like the original ones. But the price for registered documents will be higher than for the regular documents producing.

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